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Consultancy Development Centre (CDC) is an autonomous institution of Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, established since 1986. CDCs main objective is to promote and develop the consultancy profession in the country.


CDC has made significant strides in emphasizing the need for effective use of consultancy services in various Central/ State Govt. Ministries/ Departments. Consolidating its position as a Centre for promoting and developing consultancy, CDC offers a vast range of services to clients and consultants.


To be a Knowledge Centre for Professional Services.



To improve business climate and promote consultancy profession through capacity building, sharing best practices and incorporating quality, integrity and sustainability in Professional Services.


  • To be the nodal agency on Professional Services
  • To promote development of consultancy sector
  • To promote Quality, Integrity and Sustainability development in Professional Services
  • To enhance capacity of consultants/ experts
  • To be export promotion Council of Professional Services
  • To be Regulator of Professional Services
  • To be the knowledge centre for consultancy
  • To be the clearing house of Consultants/ Experts
  • To certify/ accredit Consultants/ Experts.
Education - MS in Consultancy Management , Certificate in Technical/ Management Consulting
Capacity Building & Training of Consultants & Clients
Facilitating Selection of Consultants
Facilitating Selection of Consultants
Facilitating Selection of Consultants
Database of Consultants Experts both Technical & Management across functions and sectors
Consulting Business Opportunities sourcing and dissemination
Publications - Consulting Ahead-Journal, Consultancy Vision Newsletter, Reports, Books, Case Studies
Assignments Impact assessment studies, DPR preparation, feasibility studies etc.
To be the clearing house of Consultants/ Experts
International Cooperation Secretariat for Technical Consultancy Development Programme for Asia and the Pacific (TCDPAP)
Scheme for Exposure of Consultants/ Clients to international practices including participation in seminars and conferences.
Schemes for Fellowship to students of academic institutions for carrying out live consulting projects.
Training & Certification of Technology Commercialization Consultants
Study on Consultancy Interventions in Central Plan Scheme
Training & Certification of Entrepreneurship Development consultants.
Schemes for Subsidy for exposure/ training of women consultants

Projects/Studies Undertaken

  • Studies for Potential for Export of Consultancy Services to Latin America/ Africa/ Vietnam/ CIS/ Middle East/ Asia Pacific Countries.
  • Study on Consultancy Capabilities & Opportunities in India
  • Study on Status of Women Consultants in India
  • State of Art report on SME Consultants
  • State of Art report on Agro Food Sector Consultants
  • Study for Enhancing quality in consulting


Consultancy Development Centre
2nd Floor, Core IV-B
India Habitat Centre, 
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Phone: +91 11 24602915, 24602601, 24601533
Fax: +91 11 24602602